6 Important Safety Tips for Home Sellers


Working with a trusted real estate agent to sell your home will hopefully attract wonderful people who'll admire your décor, swoon at your landscaping and vie to purchase your property for a handsome price. Unfortunately, it may also attract less desirable visitors. I will take precautions on your behalf, as will other agents who bring their clients to tour your home.

Here are some ways you can help ensure your safety and others' while your home is on the market:

1. Schedule showings ahead of time
A “For Sale” sign in the yard doesn’t mean “24/7 Open House.” I
insist potential buyers make an appointment ahead of time through myself or their own agent. Frankly, it's standard procedure to schedule listings, and no one should be pressuring you to open your home to them without some advanced notice or verification from your agent that the individual is a serious shopper.

2. Take your family out of the picture
Yes, you're proud of your beautiful family, but you never know exactly the motivation of the people who will be touring your home. To help keep your family life private, remove photos from walls and shelves. Don’t forget the ones on the fridge!

3. Protect your identity

Make sure to store away any bills, invoices or other documents that may contain your personal info.

4. Hide sharp objects and weapons
Remove your knife rack from view. Your knives may confirm your image as a gourmet chef, but no one needs to see or use them during a showing. The same is true for any firearms you may have on display in your home – even if they're in a locked display cabinet. It's best to keep these things out of sight.

5. Secure your jewels and other valuables
Diamonds, antiques, first edition Edgar Allen Poe? Lock them away. Remove and secure any valuables and heirlooms that may be easily picked up and carried off.

6. Follow up for safety
After a showing, the real estate agents who show your home should close and lock all doors. Be sure to double check, though, or ask a trusted neighbor to be your eyes and ears when you're not around. Be especially careful to lock your home as you come and go during the time it’s on the market.

For additional safety tips,
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Elyse Gusway
Elyse Gusway
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