REALTORS® Citizenship Award - 2015

The REALTORS® Citizenship Award is presented each year to a deserving grade 8 student at each elementary school across the city.

REALTORS® work in Regina communities everyday and we see firsthand the value and pride Regina citizens have in the communities in which they live.

The award is designed to promote and encourage exemplary citizenship to young people, so that the tradition of value and pride in our communities will endure for the future. 

I am very pleased to have presented this award to Emma & Beth Compton at St. Gabriel and Teaghan Elsner at St. Joan of Arc.

Congratulations ladies on being this years recipients of the REALTORS® Citizenship Award!  I wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

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       Left to Right:              Elyse Gusway, Beth Compton, Emma Compton   -   Beth Compton, Elyse Gusway, Emma Compton

Elyse Gusway
Elyse Gusway
2350 2nd Avenue Regina SK S4R 1A6